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Horizon West getting relief road, community park

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Hamlin Groves Trail will give drivers in south Winter Garden a direct connection to State Road 429.

When residents living in neighborhoods such as Independence and Orchard Hills want to travel State Road 429, they have to drive miles out of their way just to get there — heading north on Tiny Road, east on Tilden Road and north on County Road 535 before connecting with the 429.

Not only does this waste time, but it adds to the congestion on C.R. 535.

Relief is coming in the form of a new road, one that will take folks directly to New Independence Parkway and then to 429. Currently, the beltway crosses over Tiny Road with no access.

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Front of tiki restaurant, Tiki Doks

Lakefront District Update

Great progress on Tiki Docks Bar & Grill along the shore of Lake Hancock and across the street from PopStroke. The 8,700+ square foot restaurant will feature over 300 seats and a 3,700+ square foot covered patio allowing guests to take in the lake views and fireworks while enjoying the flavors of tiki life. 🍹🌺🏝️

It’s so cluckin’ GOOD!

We are pleased to welcome Pennsylvania-based Chick’nCone, a new-to-market, fast-casual restaurant offering fried chicken in a handheld waffle cone; you won’t need a fork for this southern favorite!
Crisp & Green bowls of salad.

Get ready for healthy eating, beautiful fresh food, and a friendly and inspiring atmosphere!

We’re delighted to announce the addition of CRISP & GREEN, a first-to-market, fast-casual restaurant offering made-from-scratch salads, grain bowls, and smoothies. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are available!