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The Lake/Orange Expressway: Bridging Communities and Boosting Business in Hamlin

The recent initiation of the Lake/Orange Expressway (Toll Road 516), a $550 million, four-lane masterpiece, marks a significant milestone for Central Florida. Extending 4.4 miles from U.S. 27 in Lake County to State Road 429 in Orange County, this project is not just a roadway; it’s a gateway to new opportunities, especially for the Hamlin community.

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings emphasized the project’s necessity due to the area’s rapid growth, highlighting that “Florida is the fastest-growing state in the union, and being in the center of the state, we have to be intentional about how we connect our roadways.” The expressway is a response to such growth, with Horizon West, located near the connection, witnessing remarkable population growth since 2010.

What does this mean for Hamlin? With this new expressway and the completion of Wellness Way connecting New Independence Pkwy to U.S. 27, Hamlin is set to become more accessible than ever to a broader and growing customer base in Lake County. This increased accessibility makes Hamlin a prime location for upscale retail and restaurant businesses looking to tap into a high-demand market.

The message for businesses contemplating a venture in Hamlin is clear: the area is growing and evolving into a hub for innovation, wellness, and connectivity. With construction now underway on the Lake/Orange Expressway and Wellness Way, Hamlin is poised to welcome an influx of new customers and enterprises. It is an ideal spot for upscale shopping, culinary ventures, and entertainment-ready to cater to a diverse and expanding community.

A satellite map showing the Hamlin area in Florida, highlighting housing growth with colored circles. Green circles represent areas around Clermont and Lake Apopka, while yellow circles indicate growth near Walt Disney World Resort and Horizon West. Major roads like Interstate 4 and Toll 429 are visible, with the Hamlin area prominently labeled in the center of the map.

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