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Biggest Boomtown in Florida: Horizon West

Boomtown. The word sounds like it’s describing an explosion — and in a way, it is.

Boomtowns are considered the fastest-growing cities in America due to rapid business and population growth. An example of such a place is Horizon West, Florida, which saw massive five- and eight-year percentage changes in population at 113.72% and 222.30%, respectively. In terms of numbers, the population jumped from 10,093 people in 2010 to 32,530 in 2018. Per capita income also grew from $32,800 to $38,050 over the course of those eight years.

FLORIDA: Horizon West
Change in population
1 year: 28.25%
5 years: 113.72%
8 years: 222.30%

Change in owner-occupied housing units
1 year: 22.60%
5 years: 89.81%
8 years: 159.91%

Change in per capita income
1 year: 8.23%
5 years: 18.56%
8 years: 16.01%

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