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We’re bubbling with excitement to announce the newest addition to Hamlin, MÖGE TEE!

MÖGE TEE, a pioneer in new-style tea techniques, is dedicated to creating a unique and innovative tea beverage inspired by thousands of years of traditional Chinese tea culture. MÖGE brews from high-quality loose tea leaves, fresh fruit, and organic milk, not powders and syrups, and has become one of the most well-known brands in the Chinese tea industry. Since its inception, its popularity has grown internationally, with over 380 stores as of December 2020.

MÖGE TEE will be located in the Publix plaza north of McDonald’s on Hamlin Groves Trail. The building is currently under construction, and they are targeting a September/October opening.

Be sure and try their most popular drink, Cheese Foam/Fresh Red Dragon Fruit Tea (Vegan friendly)!

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Owner and Horizon West resident Chris Liu grew up in Chengdu, China, a popular tourist destination known for Giant Panda’s, spicy food, and tea houses rich in tea culture dating back over a thousand years. During his childhood, Chris was exposed to his family’s investment in catering businesses and was influenced by his mother’s entrepreneurial spirit when she opened a Chinese restaurant in Xi’an.

After traveling to NYC in 2018 and meeting with the CEO of MÖGE TEE, Chris and his wife Paris were energized to bring the new style tea concept to Orlando. They opened the first MÖGE TEE with friends on Sand Lake Rd. and then consulted on the second location downtown before deciding to bring their passion and experience to Hamlin, the third Orlando location, within a year.

“We love this area and the existing businesses; Cinépolis is the best movie theater! Additionally, the continued growth in Horizon West and the large Asian population makes Hamlin the perfect location for MÖGE TEE.”

The new location will offer a wide range of handcrafted products, including homemade Tarot and purple Yara, Fresh Fruit tea, Cheese Foam Tea, Bubble Milk Tea, Milk Swirl (milk alternatives available), Fresh Fruit Yakult, Uji Matcha, Tofu Pudding, Yogurt Fruit Tea, Dorayaki and Souffle. In addition, they will offer seasonal items such as Pumpkin Bubble Milk Tea made with fresh pumpkin. YUM!


Iced orange tea and Orange Yakult.”

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